Urin Elamum

Dwaven Inquisitor of Torag - Locksmith for hire


Urin Elamum

Male Dwarf Inquisitor 12

LN medium humanoid

Init 8 Senses Darkvision (60) Perception +18


AC 27, touch 17, flat-footed 24

hp 94

Fort 13 Reflex 11 Will 13


Speed 30 ft

Masterwork Waraxe, dwarven +6/1 (1d10 x3)

2 Endless Ammunition Crossbow, light +16/11 (1d8+2 19-20/x2)
or 2 Endless Ammunition Crossbow, light +14/14/9 (1d82 19-20/x2)

Space 5 Reach 5


STR 10 DEX 21 CON 12 INT 14 WIS 16 CHA 8

BAB 9 CMB 9 CMD 28

Feats: Point-Blank Shot, Rapid Reload (Light), Coordinated Shot, Rapid Shot, Scarred Legion, Precise Shot, Clustered Shots, Enfilading Fire, Deadly Aim, Target of Opportunity, Armor Proficiency, Medium, Armor Proficiency, Light, Shield Proficiency

Skills: Acrobatics 4, Appraise 2, Bluff 3, Climb -1, Craft (Locks) 8, Diplomacy -1, Disable Device 18, Disguise -1, Escape Artist 9, Fly 4, Heal 3, Intimidate 26, Knowledge (arcana) 9, Knowledge (dungeoneering) 17, Knowledge (engineering) 3, Knowledge (nature) 11, Knowledge (planes) 17, Knowledge (religion) 11, Perception 18, Ride 8, Sense Motive 22, Spellcraft 6, Stealth 11, Survival 13, Swim -1

Languages Dwarven, Common, Orc, Undercommon

Gear +2 Endless Ammunition Crossbow – light, Masterwork Waraxe – dwarven, Bolts – crossbow (68), Efficient Quiver, Ioun Stone; dusty rose prism


Urin was raised in a mountain stronghold like many a dwarf of his kind. He led a rather uneventful beginning of his life. As adventurous dwarves tend to do when they hit their adolescent filled 20’s he fell in with a wrong kind of crowd. He began running with a crew out of Orachalium known as the Shalestone Sappers. Things started small and mostly mischievous but Urin quickly realized the nature of the group. They were nothing but thieving murderous thugs that indoctrinated young dwarves eager to find treasure in ruins and once they proved their value they would force them to do jobs with them to clear an ever amorphous debt. Once Urin caught the gist of the group he did like all before him who disagreed with their methods and ways. Unfortunately this group was good at bolstering ranks and knew true drive from members was best derived by the ever faithful ways of hostage taking.

For 20 years Urin ran jobs for the Sappers trying to earn freedom for him and his father. Most of the time he was in charge of planning and scoping out snatch and grabs from family vaults and assorted banks. This weighed heavily on Urin. He wasn’t a bastion of good by any means, a dwarf does what he needs to survive but he respected the lawful order of things. Over these years he found meaning in his faith and he did not look for ways to forgive those that held his father. He did as Torag taught create, shape, and plan. His fascination and increasing expertise in disabling of locks and mechanical defenses fueled his own desire to create his own locks to honor his god and better his skills. In this he found his freedom. He eventually found where his father was being held and a job was nearby the location. This was his tipping point the crew was certain his will was broken after all of this time but his craft kept him focused and like a fine dwarf his vengeance kept him tempered. The fools felt that it was wise to rob a vault in a temple of Torag. He knew doing so would endanger his father’s life but decided the risk was worth it and found the most imposing figure in the temple that he could when all others had left. He asked council and informed the fellow of the plot. The individual he alerted to this studied him carefully and judged Urin’s mettle in that stern gaze. The individual chuckled lightly and handed him small anvil. He was instructed that if he had faith and repented that which he had done all would be forgiven. His only task would be to shut the vault door once everyone had entered the vault and smash the small anvil when he was clear. On the evening of the job everything went as planned the timing was good and only one possible witness had to be dealt with by the crew. Urin was unsure what would happen when the figure was smashed he only hoped it was a big enough distraction for him to free his father in the aftermath. He did his part he disabled the exterior lock to the vault. Once everyone was inside he attempted shutting the vault. What he did not account for however was stealth in doing so. The crew noticed and rushed to the vault entrance to keep it from closing. The mechanism had a lesser outer latch similar to a security chain. Before the crew got to the door to stop him from locking the vault wholly he was able to get the chain to latch using one of his personal locks of his own creation and began to run, smashing the anvil on the way. Urin did not pick up on a key couple things from his discussion with the man in the temple. First, he did not ask what it meant to be clear. Second, he did not realize that this man was not a cleric or a paladin but an Inquisitor. Third, that anvil triggered a unique alarm. It activated a homunculus in the vault. That homunculus had one job and that was to read a set of runes, Explosive Runes. In an instant the crew had been decimated by explosive force, the vault door blown open and his lock thoroughly shattered and now shrapneled in Urin’s face. In a daze Urin staggered his way to find his father only to find the man from the temple already there. This inquisitor had dispatched the remainder of the Shalestone Sappers and freed the hostages. All that was said by him was “This group was a cell of a larger organization under the influence of the Destroyer, The Father of Creation does not forgive wanton destruction. Your appearance deems that you have atoned for your past.” He then left the area.

From that day forward Urin devoted himself to his faith to atone for his past and exact vengeance on those that go against the Father of Creation and his followers. As such he trained and followed in the footsteps of that Inquisitor whose name he never got. All gods need those who are grim and determined and use trickery and guile when righteousness and purity is not enough to root out enemies of the faith and bring them to justice. Urin has been on this path for 20 years now hunting down those that follow the destroyer and purvey such heresy against the creator.

“Against my people‚Äôs enemies, I will show no mercy. I will not allow their surrender, except when strategy warrants”

Urin Elamum

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