Path of the Burning Sky

Shelter from the Storm

On a rocky coastal spur on the far side of a
remote swamp, on the southern tip of civilized lands,
an old city was swept into the sea. An earthquake
collapsed its coastline, and volcanic geysers obliterated
its people. All this happened centuries ago, but
eventually people forgot the legends of curses, and
sought to inhabit the land again. A clan of wizards,
remembering only that once the peninsula had been
home to a mighty fire mage in ages past, established
a school, the Lyceum, on the rocky coastline, and
brought slaves with them to tend to their needs.

Students, headmasters, and even slaves
came and went, until only free men lived on the
now-verdant rock spur. Around Lyceum grew a
large town named Seaquen, home to just over
a thousand fishermen, craftsmen, and former
students. Spellcasters from around the world travel
to Lyceum, no longer a school simply for wizards,
but for all those who practice the magical arts.
Lyceum and Seaquen have never known danger.

But now once-peaceful Seaquen is overrun with
refugees, diplomats, spies, and heroes. A Scourge
from the north burns its way outward from the
Ragesian Empire, which seeks to capture or kill
spellcasters disloyal to their realm; thousands have
flocked to Seaquen in hopes of safety and salvation.

Lyceum, after proclaiming it will fight the
Scourge, has found itself the rallying point for all the
fleeing refugees. Most seek safety in numbers, some
want to help, others desire an alliance; but a few wish
to end Lyceum before it can affect Ragesia’s plans.

Among those arriving in Seaquen are heroes
bearing a message from Gate Pass, a neutral city
besieged by Ragesia. After escaping
a city under siege and fighting their way
through a burning forest to shake pursuit, the
heroes arrive in Seaquen, where they can find
allies to help fight the Ragesians or work toward
other goals. But Seaquen is threatened by many
foes, and the heroes are in a unique position to
defend it. If they fail, Seaquen will be destroyed,
and slim will be the chances for allied resistance
against the might of the Ragesian Empire.



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