Gate Pass Organizations

Gate Pass Organizations and Power Groups

City Council

The government of Gate Pass is a council of
representatives from each of the districts, with a
city governor chosen every ten years. Many different
groups hold sway with the government, ranging
from citizen groups to wealthy merchants to religious
and military groups.

One of the more colorful characters in the council
is Erdan Menash, a former merchant and tailor
who used to sell well-crafted but horribly unfashionable
gear to adventurers, with the goal of making
sure everyone knew he was the one sponsoring their
heroism. His personal manor is painted vivid green,
yellow, and purple.

The current governor is Merrick Hurt, a half-orc
who has kept relationships with Ragesia warm in the
past, though many worry he will be too agreeable to
demands by the new ruler of Ragesia. Rumors say
that he bitterly loathes elves and has a vast lexicon of
insults for them, a vice that relatively few in the city
worry about.

The Temples

The religious community of Gate Pass is diverse,
owing to the interaction of cultures flowing
through the city. Eight major temples represent the
religious core of the community, and though each
religion has its own interests, they share common
ground through the annual Festival of Dreams, during
which the temples all briefly work to provide for
the greater good. Numerous temples of smaller religions
dot the city, and though they lack the same
sway as the major eight, they still put a lot of effort
into New Year’s festivities.

Shakur Biggs, head priest of a temple devoted
to the god of revelry, is currently the master of ceremonies
for this year’s festival. He was apparently
planning to head a large musical performance, but
his plans have been dampened by the threat of a
hostile Ragesia.

The Military

While the Gate Pass military answers to the city
council, their opinion carries great weight given how
much attention the city pays to its defense. Unlike
most militaries, they are not trained for large open
field combat, but rather for the defense of the city,
taking advantage of enclosed terrain. Commander
Harmand Fletcher, a veteran of the rebellion against
Ragesia, recently retired from leader of the armed
forces, replaced by Brant Sawman, who if anything
is almost more gruff and brooding than his

A small unit of twenty griffon riders serve to
patrol the far reaches of Gate Pass’s domain, but
otherwise the city has little in the way of a cavalry

Gabal’s School

Gabal, a famed evoker who helped drive the
Ragesians out forty years ago, maintains a school
of war. This large cluster of squat towers connected
by covered bridges and surrounded by a moat and
fence is jokingly known as The Castle. Gabal’s students
— easily identifiable by their red robes — are
generally viewed as arrogant and hot-tempered, but
their mentor forces them to sell their services for
low prices, particularly in matters of defense and
construction, and a handful of wizards serve in the
city military.

Gabal is said to scorn magic-users who do not
study spellbooks for their powers, and has a particular
dislike for sorcerers, commonly saying he doesn’t
trust people who have that much charisma. Charm
is a personality flaw Gabal proudly lacks.

Thieves’ Guild

Everyone knows that thieves operate in the
city, often with the aid of bribed councilmen who
turn blind eyes. The thieves tend to prey on wealthy
merchants, especially foreigners, and so many commoners
view them favorably.

One particularly well-known rogue is a dashing
scoundrel named Rantle. He came to fame because
of an elaborate confidence game to steal from a female
merchant. One night when his scam was near
fruition, he was with the merchant when she was attacked
by a trio of common thugs who intended to
have their way with the woman. Rantle fought them
off, then stayed around to protect her while the
city guard arrived, even though he knew he would
be recognized and arrested. Public support for his
heroism got him pardoned, and many people have
begun calling for him to join the city council.

Of course, the merchants of the city still don’t
like being victimized. It is said the clientele of
One-to-Go, a tavern in one of Gate Pass’s slums, is
composed entirely of former thieves who have lost a
hand as punishment for stealing.

The Resistance

Devoted to keeping the city of Gate Pass free
from the rule of both Ragesia and Shahalesti, the
resistance is composed of a huge variety of people
from many of countries, since many nations have
a vested interest in keeping the current balance of
power. Mostly they work to bolster pride among the
citizens of Gate Pass, though occasionally a spy is
turned over to the authorities by unknown persons,
and the resistance is credited with the capture.

Many farmers and ranchers who live in the
mountains surrounding the city claim to have spoken
to members of the resistance, who encouraged
them to be prepared to fight to defend their lands.

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Gate Pass Organizations

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