Path of the Burning Sky

The Indomitable Fire Forest of Innenotdar

The heroes have escaped from the city of Gate
Pass with vital military intelligence as the Ragesian
army’s assault came down upon it, and have set off
toward the town of Seaquen and the mage school
of Lyceum. The heroes, the sea-cleric
Torrent, and the haunted seer Crystin) have arrived at the
edge of the Fire Forest of Innenotdar.

Forty years ago, Innenotdar was home to an
elvish people who wanted to remain neutral in the
conflict between Ragesia and Shahalesti. One day
refugees began to flee from the forest, claiming it
had been put to the torch, though no one could
agree on who had been responsible or why. While
the refugees settled into a walled ghetto in Gate
Pass, they were shocked to learn that the fires that
had driven them from their homeland were not
dying. For forty years, Innenotdar has burned
relentlessly, with no signs that the flames will ever
either abate or burn out.

The heroes have chosen to brave this dangerous
pass because it is too hazardous for Ragesians to
pursue them therein, and because, whereas it
would take weeks to travel through the snowed
in mountain passes, with the proper magic
(potions of stand the heat, of which they possess
many), they should be able to cross the fire forest
in less than two days, taking the old Elfroad from
the Otdar mountains to the northern border of
Dassen, beyond the reach of the Ragesian army.

But the forest is still a home to some, and
Ragesia will not give up pursuit simply because
there is danger.

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