Male, Sylph, Rogue


Backstory (Work in progress)

Ejunn and his mother Notia were initially apart of the Vol Egoiriel a trading family in Sindarie majority human but know to produce Sylph children every few generations. His father passed during a bandit attack and while not an undo burden they were nether a boon. One summer Notia became attracted to a half elf from Gatepass during trade negotions and while the leaders showed great respect to the name Gabal (See Gabal’s school) it ment nothing to Ejunn . Gabal and Notia’s relationship formed a benificial business partnership unfortunately it was short lived. Gabal was a powerful man in Gatepass and powerful men attract enemies, in under a year a botched assignation attempt took her life and while the attackers were “dealt with” the mastermind was never caught. Gabal adopted my character in a rare case of pity leading to a misguided attempt to train him as a apprentice the closest thing to parenting that he knew how to do.

They grew more distant, raised by staff, Errand boy, realized he could do about anything so long as it didn’t draw too much of a bad reputation.

Inter District smuggling attempts gone well and poorly.

Been guarding caravans


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